Cash Management

Cash Management

Aura MCT – we help Trainees assess their skills and practice accounting professionally.

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The demands of financial institution have changed a bit. Obfuscation is no longer accepted, which is why this business Aura MCT is so perfect.

Alaa Sagaa
Business consultant

Why to Apply for CMA Course

Course Duration

You will attend 24 lecture over 6 months, each of them is a 3 hours duration

Coaching program

Our expert tutor has developed a special program to make you understand each lesson of CMA through a well tailored material, audio and video lectures plus multiple exams through the course and after to make sure that you won’t miss the chance to get your CMA from the first time.

Course Fees

Course fees after discount for the new comers is 3500 LE

Important to know before you go !

Before you decide to register for our CMA course you should know that 

  • 80% of our students who applies for the CMA certificate got it from the first time 
  • 25% of them got hired in multinational companies 
  • 30% of them got promoted or salary raised in their companies 

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